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Deleted Scene Becomes Canon for Moon and Star: Book Two – Flashbacks and Dream Sequences

I don’t update this blog often. Probably cause nothing exciting happens and I don’t feel like blogging about what I had for breakfast. I’ll use Facebook for that.

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Anyways, most people probably know me for writing a blogpost about a revelation I had about the Three-Act Format and re-watching The Prestige. The most views I’ve gotten in one day have been less than 10 and they’ve all been for that one post. Let me be blunt, aside from properly formatting screenplays (and even then I use software to do that).

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Yeah, not sure where I was going with the second paragraph: the one after the first shameless plug, but its time to get down to why I titled this thing the way I did. There will be one more shameless plug later on, but it’s a great group for writers and creators. Also it is on Facebook. Just like my author page. *see Shameless Plug #1 😉

Getting down to business, last week I realized the deleted scene I posted from Moon and Star: Book One was perfect for foreshadowing material for the second book, where Kaito would eventually wield the sun saber. Don’t worry it’s not a spoiler. As the name suggests, the sword draws its power from the sun. I won’t go into too much detail, but lets just say not everyone can hold the blade in a literal sense.

So that’s how a deleted scene became canon, but it doesn’t end there. The scene’s original placement in book one was as a prologue flashback. At first Kaito was much younger than he was in book one and the book then flash forward to the present. It was a great free writing exercise. I got to know younger versions of Yuri, Kaito, and Jin which I hope helped shape their characters. For a scene, however, there wasn’t much going on in terms of the plot and the promises I made weren’t right for the first book.

Shameless Plug #3: This is the part where I interupt your regularly scheduled blog post and mention the good folks over at the Facebook group RoTaNoWriMo, headed by voluptuously voiced Dave Robison of the Roundtable Podcast. A podcast where writers workshop their story ideas. It’s a great podcast and no the mail has not come yet. It’s labor day as I write this. Why do you ask?

Long story short, don’t get rid of your scenes. You never know which one can be used for fodder or kindling for a story. I’m thankful a version still existed somewhere as I couldn’t find that scene anywhere on my computer. Then again, I didn’t look very hard.


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