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(ghost story friday) Author Interview: Mike Bergonzi

I was interviewed on a blog about the supernatural. Not exactly my forte, but I had a good story to share.

Dark Knights Paranormal


For today, we’ve got author Mike Bergonzi talking about his own experiences with the supernatural. Enjoy, and thanks for dropping by, Mike!

DKP: What do you write? What are you working on now?

Mike: So far, I’ve written science fiction and fantasy with a realistic spin. Historical and urban fantasy tend to be the two main genres which interest me. So far, I’ve erred on the side of realism, rather than the fantastical. My world building on the other hand is cherrypicking the good bits of real world history and incorporating it into a secondary world. The best example of this is my first published work: Moon and Star. Essentially it’s Feudal Japan, but the country is not actually called Japan in the book. It was a hard decision to make, but in the end I chose cool things over historical accuracy. Made writing the book a whole lot…

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