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The Once and Future Nerd: Princes of Iorden

Audio Drama Reviews

Right out of the gate, this audio production has a perfect blend of familiar tropes and interesting characters who turn those tropes on their heads, or at the very least make it more complex than simple overdone fantasy cliches. The nerd who gets sucked into a fantasy world is a cliche of the genre. Yet somehow the writer’s manage to make the tropes enjoyable by adding a diverse cast, both mentally and physically.

The best example of this is the character Jenny, who is the smart cheerleader. She’s more complex than that pithy one-line description, but her character arc in the first book is going from worried high school girl to kick-ass fighter. The journey there, however, isn’t as good as the end result. Though it’s still enjoyable.

The overall plot is pretty basic, but uses all the fantasy tropes to its advantage. Honestly, the story peaked around chapter six…

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