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Michael Bergonzi first heard about this old fangled thing called “radio drama” in 8th grade social studies class. The unit was on the 1920s-1930s. He didn’t think much about it. That is until the weeks leading up to the release of The Dark Knight in 2008. He was minding his own business, searching iTunes for Batman-related podcasts when he found this group that produced batman audio dramas. That was his gateway drug.

He continued listening and eventually ventured into the groups original shows. He liked what he heard with The Kingery. A few years after that, he realized that audio drama wasn’t limited to just one company. He’s not sure whether starting this site came before or after that revelation. Whatever the case, audiodramareview.wordpress.com was born in September with the first review.

In January 2012, Michael decided to buy the domain: audiodramareviews.com. With one review per week for one year, Michael completed what he set out to do. Michael is horrible with personal deadlines. He needs that external pressure. This was a problem, especially since he wants to be a writer. While he still goofs up, he has gotten much better at meeting his deadlines.

Personal pity aside, he is glad you’ve taken the time to view his personal blog.

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