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Moon and Star: Book One

What happens when your entire life is a glorified lie?

Kaito is the son of the Shogun, heir to the Minamoto clan, and future leader of Jakai. Or, at least, that’s what he’s been lead to believe. In truth, he’s the byproduct of his times.

War is coming.

A Feudal Lord is dead. The Minamoto clan can no longer standby while their enemies build alliances and craft weapons for a single purpose. Kaito must exchange comfort for the ability to stay alive after a bounty for his death forces him to leave home.

Accompanied by no one but his father’s childhood friend, Kaito ventures to his birthplace to try and prevent a war between the two parts of his life.

Past and present collide, morph into one.

A story filled with survival, magic, romance and more––the first book in The Jakai Chronicles promises everything you love about mind-blowing twists and revelations, combined with intrigue—all wrapped up in one thrilling adventure.

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