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Moon and Star: Book Two

Trust No One. Not Even Yourself

These are the words Kaito lives by. All the years of deceit have taken their toll on him and he wants to be alone.

Yuri is alive. She clings to life, praying to the gods for a quick death. With the Tsenzu in full control of the city, there’s no one left to fight back. All hope is lost.

Mysteries Are Solved. More Arise

An enemy appears, his origin a blend of differing cultures. What he wants? The complete destruction of Eastern Civilization.

One obstacle stands in his way and Yuri finds herself caught in the middle. Can she survive or will despair take her long before the torture does its job?

From bestselling author Mike Bergonzi comes the sequel to Moon and Star. Coming soon to ebook and paperback (includes Book One for the complete reader experience).

Available on Amazon Winter 2018

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